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Lilies On Mars - Lilies On Mars

Lilies On Mars - Lilies On Mars

(Elsewhere Factory Records)

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Last Edited by: mark191082 March 21st, 2009.

Lilies On Mars based in South East London have delivered an album that insists captivating mystery. Their debut has an infinite depth sourced from an out-of-worldly and poignant sound.

Created from an abundance of musical experiences, Lilies On Mars have elaborated and expanded into a cosmos of the unknown, with tripped out melodies and droning distortion.

From the first push of play, Lilies On Mars had me reminiscing of dark nights I shared in the smoky cafes of Amsterdam. Their insistent intrigues spun me out into a universal trip of the unknown, and suffice to say, I felt rather spaced! Their haunting voices, trickle through the distorted guitars, and SFX that wouldn’t be out of place in a B movie expedition to the galatica.

Maori Legend, track one on Lilies On Mars debut portrays a definite haunting, with recurring angelic choral vocals penetrating the ears. Lisa Dply Masia (Vocals) sings the story to you in Italian. While your lost in translation, the persistent guitar riff (Marina Cristofalo), slips out of a major to a minor key in a flowing circle, and it has you feeling rather spooked as the title ‘Maori Legend’ suggests.

On a much lighter note, Lilies On Mars are also capable of creating softer feels to their music, as Electric Fits, and X2 on the album portray. These are by far my favourite on the album, as they don’t leave you feeling so ‘come-down’ after you’ve listened to them.

Lilies On Mars has an evocative horror/genre-busting sense, with breathy warped vocals, and trip-hop beats stepped out with the drums (Andrea Siddu). Their debut is fitting for those moments when you feel like your head is lost on a mission to Mars, yet when your soul is quite happy floating around the known areas of the World, their trippy feel distorts your brainwaves, and leaves you feeling penetrated by an alien life form.

This album, on a review perspective is very hard to actually put into words. Lilies On Mars have exposed different senses from one track to the next, but the more generalised description would be their plea to explore the outer space, by listening to Lilies On Mars.

Lilies On Mars
Lisa Dply Masia – Vocals, Guitars and Synths
Marina Cristofalo – Backing Vocals and Guitars
Andrea Siddu – Drums
Doogie Groove – Spaceship

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