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Hockey - Learn to Lose [Single]

Hockey - Learn to Lose [Single]

Virgin Records/Capitol Records

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire June 3rd, 2009.

I can't seem to make up my mind on Hockey. Although I actually quite liked “Too Fake” initially, I couldn't escape the underlying feeling that they looked lots of boys who I already know, who I can't stand. I hate the denim jacket, Oasis haircut look and the dancing in the video from front man Benjamin Grubin only further irritated me (which is surprising really that they look like that considering they are American). Yes, “Too Fake” was an OK song that stayed in your head and had you singing along to it whenever it came on, but it wasn't really anything new and if anything, the subject matter was completely pointless, formulaic and clichéd.

So what do I think of their second release “Learn to Lose”. I bloody love it. A great summer hit that I can imagine throwing on in a funky indie party pop DJ set and being incredibly enjoyable. It has a real authentic soul vibe to it, and is a considerable step up from previous single “Too Fake”. If this is the direction Hockey are choosing to go with, then I like them. I'll even tolerate the annoying moves and dress/hair sense. A really refreshing change to the usual indie/emo blah stuff coming out that has become entirely yawn-some. It's nice to see a band taking a completely different step and trying something a little less predictable. Similar to other promising bands that are funky, soulful and outstandingly fresh like Essex boys' Magistrates (who can forget last years “Make This Work”?), I have to say Hockey have started to turn my initial opinion of them fully around.

Looking forward to listening to the upcoming album!

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