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The Arusha Accord- The Echo Verses [Album]

The Arusha Accord- The Echo Verses [Album]

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire October 4th, 2009.

The Arusha Accord's original meaning was a series of documents used to end the Rwandan Civil War (granted the Accords didn't work and led to one of the worst genocides in history.) Why I decided to mention the original meaning will become clear later but for now we shall focus on the band of the same name's debut album after a very well received EP.

Influences by the band on an old Myspace page archive (as the latest design doesn't contain a bio) included Sixth and Dillinger Escape Plan, this is very clear in regards to "The Trees are Dead" era Sikth and "Miss Machine" era Dillinger Escape Plan from the use of duo vocals by Paul and Alex Green and their switch of those vocals from scream to clean throughout.

As soon as 'Dead to Me' kicks in you are strapped for a ride of ferocious guitar, drums and bass that throws the occasional curveball (the clean vocal parts of songs) and the short interludes encountered in 'The Echo Verses' and 'Solice.' What also makes The Arusha Accord stand out is how the progressive elements also stand out because apart from 'The Resurgent' there are no gaps between the songs ('The Resurgent' ends on a fade out for some reason) giving it more of a structured story style element.

The reason I initially brought up the original meaning of the name at the beginning was I also enjoyed the creativity of some of the titles particularly 'Night Of The Long Knives' (nice historical reference again similar to the name of the band.) The Arusha Accord prove that with this album they are part of a new wave of quality metal along with the likes of Evita, No Made Sense, TesserACT etc to combine what some deem metalcore with other genres fused in for luck. They carry this out really effectively and The Arusha Accord have become one of the bands I will be following for sure in the future.

A fine debut album from another set of rising metallers.

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