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Mack 10 - Soft White [Album]

Mack 10 - Soft White [Album]

Hoo-Bangin' Entertainment

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire December 28th, 2009.

Mack 10 is one of the best OG’s (Original Gangsta’s) in the game. He never made it out fully into the mainstream circle, Rolison’s musical career has been hovering along the border of the underground indie scene for years.

Bow down newbie rappers; he was a member of rap super group The Westside Connection, along with WC of the Maad Circle (Dub-C) and Ice Cube. Do I really need to break down information about Ice Cube? He’s the cream of the crop; if you haven’t seen the film “Friday” you are seriously lost, go to church! Mack 10 debuts as a soloist on the film’s soundtrack with the song 'Take A Hit.' If that doesn’t ring any bells I think it’s time for you to check out some new, old school tunes 'Like This' featuring Nate Dogg and 'Only In California' featuring Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube, to name just a few.

“Soft White” is Mack 10’s seventh release on his own label; Hoo-Bangin' Entertainment. The first track on the record 'Big Balla' features Birdman and Glasses Malone. The beat for the track is effortless, all of the combined elements make it memorable and I love the way it sounds. I didn’t even need to check out who it featured, I knew Birdman was on the track when a pigeon like sound effect was made during the track’s intro. This tune talks about growing up to be a “Big Balla” making those dollar bills, nothing new. People are too into money, it ruins lives every day whether you have it or you don't, it still causes drama. They do say it’s the root of all evil and I believe the saying to be true.

Mack 10 has done quite a few collaborations in his career; half the tracks on this new record including the first single ‘So Sharp’ are collaborations. The tune ‘So Sharp’ features Jazze Pha, Rick Ross and Lil’ Wayne. The beat is rich and the song has a catchy hook but the majority of the content has already been done. “I got the hottest cars / I rock the flyest clothes / I keep the baddest hoes, they fresh from head to toe / sharp yeen kno / sharp hell ya / sharp yeen kno / sharp hell ya.”

Everyone who contributed on this record brought their own distinctive flavas to each tune. It’s always fun hearing what they have to say. Sometimes when I listen to rappers I am intrigued at how they come up with certain rhymes. I give my respect to anyone who has a tight flow and can come up with some clever lyrics without having the hook on repeat. It’s hard to rap well, I wish I could but I can’t - stop laughing when I try. I love the humor some rappers bring but they also talk about real life. They give you their life story through rhymes. Sadly though for many rappers once the chronicle is told there is nothing else left to say, that’s when the candy tunes come our way. There are a few substance filled songs on this record but many are on content re-wind.

One of the inspirational tracks is 'Mirror Mirror' the second single released from this record. The beat is slow and fitting, the hook “Mirror Mirror on the wall / Will I stand or Will I fall / I’m still standing here” says it all. This song is one of my favorites on this record. He touches on some really personal issues regarding many misconceptions; ‘Mirror Mirror’ is his side of the story. “While them round licking on their wounds / I’m shining like a mothafucka like a full moon”, “When there’s trouble in the air and you think I can’t compete / I’m like a fucken cat cuz I land on my feet” - love those lyrics.

Another impactful tune is 'It’s Your time,' Mack 10’s spitting for the kids on this tune, an encouraging anthem of sorts, I can see it placed in a few films. The tune gives kids some insight and positive energy. The singer “Anthony Hamilton” on the hook needed work on the enunciation, it’s hard to make out what he’s saying at times because it sounds like he’s mumbling and trying to squeeze those words in there.

'Clack Clack' is a track that I wasn’t feeling at first listen but after hearing it a few times I’m kind of vibing it. The tune features Akon. I’m actually liking Akon’s voice as normally it annoys my ears due to the super nasal sound it makes but it’s not so bad on this one. The last tune I will jibber about on this twelve track LP is 'Dedication (To The Pen)' Rolison views it as a shout out to his boys locked up in the pen. I think it could have been better but it’s still a respectable attempt.

"Soft White" leaves me curious to hear what Mack 10’s next album will sound like. Go ahead and listen if you haven’t heard Mack 10’s floetry yet.

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