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Ernest Gonzales - Been Meaning To Tell You [Album]

Ernest Gonzales - Been Meaning To Tell You [Album]

Friends of Friends Records

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire January 30th, 2010.

Ever floated in a sea of swirling guitar melodies, pumping beats and ethereal electronics? Well "Been Meaning To Tell You" will sure as hell get you close to feeling it. Ernest Gonzales knew he was onto something when he decided to mix his love for diverse music genres into one big electro-indie-hip hop melting pot. Raised in Texas, USA, Ernest’s dream started when he earned enough money to buy his first drum machine. This spawned a massive interest in music production, and eventually developed into his own hip hop and electronic label, Exponential Records.

“Been Meaning to Tell You” is an excellent achievement musically. So many have come and gone, trying to create a “new” sound by mixing clashing styles / genres. But none have ever really had that much of an edge. This is where he wins, hands down. From the haunting ‘Dancing In The Snow’ to the club-crowd pleasing ‘I’m Here You’re There’, there’s so many levels to "Been Meaning To Tell You", you almost feel like you’re in a lift when a kid has pushed all the buttons!

The artwork plays a role unto its self. Ernest picked thirteen international illustrators/artists, one for each track, and asked them to create an image evoked from that song. And the end result is what made the final spiralling image for the front cover. It definitely suits the otherworldly feel of the album. Its title certainly gives you the impression that there were a lot of different emotions being poured into each track. ‘Psychedlic Bellhop’ has some great old school Nintendo sounding fills then it grows even more interesting as it develops into almost New Order territory with driving but mellow guitar riffs. My favourite song would have to be the opening track, ‘Dancing In The Snow’. It’s such a mellow song, but at the same time has such a punch, especially once the skilful beat-boxing oozes in. Layer after layer is added – drums, guitar, organ - without ever feeling over-crowded. I especially can’t help smiling when I hear the innocent tinkling of the xylophone!

And so my opinion of "Been Meaning To Tell You" has definitely grown over the past week. I never thought my guitar-laden, verse-chorus-verse-chorus brain could enjoy this experimental journey, but my eyes have now been well and truly prized open. It will be very interesting to see where Mr Gonzales goes from here, I know I’ll look forward to hearing some more of his experiments....more beautiful electronic lullabies to drown out the rain and melt the ice.

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