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Asura - Asura [Album]

Asura - Asura [Album]

Non Projects / Alpha Pup

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin February 4th, 2010.

The debut, self titled release by Asura provides a unique concept and style to music as we know it which, in turn, could spell a great future for easy listening and classical genres. It is available through Non-Projects (a newly formed imprint of Alpha Pup Records) as download or vinyl only. The tracks are based on the works of Japanese poet Kenji Miyazawa and LA based producer Ryan York has successfully utilized his experience of classical and jazz formats to help bring Miyazawa’s poems to life.

'Asura 1' sets up the entire album in good stead by offering very harmonic sounds with the narration of a romantic poem in the background. The final track 'Feathers' has to be the most breathtaking song as it starts a gentle and steady beat that co-operates well with the sound of wind chimes. These elements, mixed with a beautiful poem being read in the first two minutes will almost certainly be a huge hit! Unfortunately, by the time you get to the middle of the album it does at times prove to be slightly monotonous and can be difficult to tell some of the songs apart from one another, but thankfully it does pick up again towards the end.

Overall, there is an impressive amount of skill involved within each track when it comes to the variety of instrumentation (which includes the cello, guitar and trumpet) used and with a combination of well placed electronics, this tale of falling in love in today’s LA will appeal greatly to music lovers everywhere.

To summarize, the sound is fresh and could mark a new decade of music that exists of a plethora of other artists similar to Asura. The narration of various poems has replaced the need for any real lyrics and whilst some may prefer this unique approach and style, it may prove to be off-putting for some.

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