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TiŽsto - Kaleidoscope [Album]

TiŽsto - Kaleidoscope [Album]


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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire February 10th, 2010.

The flying Dutchman himself, DJ TiŽsto, returns with his fourth album to entice and entrance electro music lovers everywhere. For "Kaleidoscope", TiŽsto brought together a variety of recording artists from all around the world, such as Nelly Furtado, Tegan & Sara, Calvin Harris, Kianna, Sneaky Sound System, and more -- and the former ďWorldís No. 1 DJĒ titleholder (DJ Magazine, 2002-2004) has changed his repertoire a great deal for this album. The result? A damn good collection of trance tunes.

After a rather lengthy introduction (the opening number, also titled 'Kaleidoscope'), the beat kicks in -- and promptly kicks you in your ass until you get up and start dancing. The infectious furrow continues throughout many of the albumís riveting numbers -- including 'Escape Me' (featuring C.C. Sheffield), 'You Are My Diamond' with Kianna 'I Am Strong' (boasting vocals by the relatively unknown Priscilla Ahn, whom I hope will make it somewhere as she has a magnificent voice), and 'Feel It In My Bones' with Canadian indie pop duo Tegan & Sara.

Of course, it just doesnít seem possible for any artist (whether he or sheís been named ďWorldís No. 1 DJĒ or not) to create an entire album that doesnít contain at least one track that doesnít quite cut it. In the case of "Kaleidoscope", my award for Least Memorable Track is split between two of the albumís later entries, 'Bend It Like You Donít Care' (a title that almost seems appropriate when you think about it), and 'Louder Than Boom.' Both tunes seem almost too aggressively repetitive for their own good. Yes, I know, repetition is practically the norm with most trance musicÖbut it gets old real fast when youíre sitting at home with a Diet Pepsi as opposed to being drunk and high on the dance floor.

A small issue with repetitiveness aside, it is my opinion that TiŽstoís "Kaleidoscope" is just as fun to listen to as an adult as the toy of the same name was fun to look through when I was a kid. And, although I realize I may have just dated myself with that last sentence, it just goes to show that TiŽstoís latest album is capable of bridging that often-awkward generational gap in the realm of music.

Highly recommended.

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