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Angus and Julia Stone - And the Boys [Single]

Angus and Julia Stone - And the Boys [Single]


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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire March 21st, 2010.

Dreamy female pop always goes down well in the quality pushing world we call indiepop, and Angus and Julia Stone are no exception. With only one album behind them, they've managed to do a sold-out tour in their native Australia, and this year also marks an European tour where they will head for the small-crowded, but appreciative audiences of Europe's main music cities.

Just released in time for the big journey is 'And the Boys', the lead single from the recently released second album "Down the Way". With a wider range of instruments - the second album syndrome's main character - in charge of the recording sessions, the duo nevertheless maintained their sparse and subtle produced sound. 'And the Boys' is melodically speaking a straightforward song - one chorus and one verse going on and on - that, thanks to the clever use of instruments stays interesting and gains a depth that wouldn't have been there with only a folkie playing on the background.

The folk does shine through a bit though. 'Change' is an acoustic only duet between Angus and Julia and 'Take You Away' basically combines the pop production of 'And the Boys' and the instrumentation of 'Change'. 'Take You Away' however is quite a melodramatic case, with Julia's tear ridden voice and the up and coming violin section leading the song to a bittersweet end.

'And the Boys' showcases the talents and the musical style of Angus and Julia Stone almost completely. A check on their Myspace site will teach you that there's actually more to expect than just the next folk duo from a far away land singing about all life's goodies and baddies. With their style becoming quite a mainstream sound in indiepop land however, the Stones will have to keep coming up with great material in order not to disappear after two albums, like many other promising folk pop duo's.

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