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Dommin @ The Borderline [Live]

Dommin @ The Borderline [Live]

London - March 21st 2010

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Last Edited by: Cristina M April 28th, 2010.

Dommin is a band that is quickly making waves. They are signed to Roadrunner records, and have spent the first part of 2010 in the UK supporting Lacuna Coil and H.I.M on their respective tours, as well as releasing their album "Love is Gone". Right now things are looking good for Dommin.

Tonight's is the bands first headline show in the UK, and it's at the Borderline in London; despite the venue's capacity the band draws a sizeable crowd some of whom are genuine fans (mainly women and young girls), some are just curious, and it all makes for an interesting dynamic.

The band strolls on stage and proceeds into the opening duo of ‘Tonight’ and ‘New’, both of which are warmly received by the crowd. Tonight Dommin seem confident and genuinely excited to be here; front man Kristofer Dommin is a born entertainer, all brooding charm and dark good looks, he is in fact the reason why half the audience is here. As there is no barrier or security at the stage front the ladies are able to get close enough to touch the main man this evening.

But tonight isn’t just about Kristofer, tonight is about the band making a statement and it’s a statement of intent; as they breeze through their set with all the swagger and bravado you would expect, there is also an underlying sense of beauty and melancholy that seeps through into proceedings, and brings a nice balance.

If you read my album review of "Love is Gone", then you already know my feelings on Dommin as a band, and I was happy to see them live in such an intimate setting as it really brought the best out in the band and made for a very enjoyable live experience. Even the band's choice of covers, Depeche Mode’s ‘People are People’ and Cutting Crew’s ‘I Just Died in Your Arms’ were both inspired and well placed within in the set.

As I’ve stated before, you had better get used to hearing the name Dommin, because the band is going to be everywhere this year.

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