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In Darklight - Dying To Confess [Album]

In Darklight - Dying To Confess [Album]

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Last Edited by: danreviewer July 2nd, 2010.

This was definitely an interesting listen for me. Having been directed to their MySpace a few weeks ago, their unique style immediately captured my attention. As a general overview, I had an urge to reach for my Stone Roses CD; such was the similarity in the vocals from Ben Sellers of In Darklight. I am sure you can get the gist of the band’s sound from that description alone, although for those eager to pigeonhole them, you can use the phrase ‘alternative rock’.

The track entitled ‘What’s Happening’ enters in melodic fashion, crisp and slick as chanting lyrical content, alongside sleek guitar phrasing, which compliments the arrangements created by the band. After hearing this track, I wrongly made assumptions that the rest of the album would simply be re-workings of the same template. Instead, the remaining songs managed to adopt their own style and identity, which is more enjoyable and in turn gives In Darklight a real credibility. An example of a track that adopts a change in dynamics and delivery is ‘The Human Race’ which showcases a more brit-pop attitude. I must say, there is a fantastic piece of guitar playing towards the latter stages, which utilises some beautiful pedal work and takes this track to a new level.
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The title track ‘Dying to Confess’ is actually a purely instrumental number, but gives a worthy lead into ‘In Control’. Now, I often desperately try to avoid branding a band as sounding like various bands from across the era’s, but with In Darklight, you get a spectrum of all your favourite 90’s UK brit/rock/pop artists; such as Blur, Cast, Shed Seven and Ocean Colour Scene, to name but a few. Don’t get me wrong, this is clearly a compliment, because the boys are revitalising a sound which really put its stamp on the British musical market back in the day. The track ‘In Control’ has upbeat chorus lines which maintain listener interest; building pace and foot-tapping influence throughout.

For it’s more atmospheric content, I would champion ‘Surface’ as a track to look out for across their various social networking pages, or indeed on the album. It took me a little more time to truly appreciate this song, but after a number of listens, I started to feel the intent and purposeful nature of the lyrics and music. With lashings of distorted guitar playing, interlaced with sharp tonal effects, the band build an aural spectacle effortlessly. The musicianship of In Darklight is definitely not in question and given the more intriguing sounds they produce, you can't help but enjoy this. A band to watch in the future, as I am certain they have a lot more to offer.

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