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Beissert - The Pusher [Album]

Beissert - The Pusher [Album]

Agonia Records

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin September 7th, 2010.

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Seeing a band describe themselves as ‘Saxon:Blood:Rock,’ and being hailed as a ‘scraggly, lunatic withes’ cauldron’ filled with ‘a lotta rock,’ is a sharp pinch for someone used to despairing at the lack of originality and weirdness in metal. Fortunately from first listen, German metallers Beissert cement their place as one of the weirdest bands out there on the metal scene. The combination of doom, groove, hardcore, folk and metal may have an unpleasant Marmite effect for many listeners but even if you’re one of those who likes your music boxed up and predictable, Beissert has something for everyone.

Take opening and title track ‘The Pusher,’ for example. The best thing about it first off, is that in true German style, it’s strong. You get quality from the outset, rather than being disappointed and having to trawl through a whole album to get to a song you sort-of like. Elements of System of a Down’s humorous-yet-eerie manic vocals are clearly present in lead vocalist Beissert’s singing, while the rest of the time he pumps out crisp, pissed off screams. This style compliments the swinging metal anthem that this first track is: crunching guitars in the style of behemoth ‘Down’ give us a taste of the highly charged metal to come, but also the randomly added children’s choir in the last half of the song reminds us of the eclecticism that these Saxons radiate.

German titled ‘Die Dunkelheit uns mit sich nimmt’ (‘The Darkness that Takes Us with It,’ if my German GCSE taught me anything) follows this: a MUCH heavier, thuggish, doom metal saturated track, as the title suggests. Apart from the j-rocky vocals that pop up sporadically, that is. And after that, a beautiful piano interlude, aptly named ‘The Fabulous World of Agony.’ After excellent opener ‘The Pusher,’ you might be forgiven for thinking Beissert only have so much to give. Wrong. Outstanding tracks spring up a-plenty in this album, with the interlude being followed by the danceable AND moshable ‘SaxonBloodRock’ (Fall Out Boy-esque vocals clashing harmoniously with punk influences) and groovy, power metal sing-along that is ‘Uphillfight Against the Sun.’ It’s clear that Beissert’s vocals aren’t made for the wider mainstream, but it’s that magic ingredient that makes all of these songs grab your attention- the wailing, screaming, bombastic chanting and unintelligible euphoric singing for example. The vocals aren’t there to be examples of musical brilliance however, they’re there to enhance and to challenge.

Another track worth mentioning is metal epic ‘Bloodsown,’ with lyrics familiar to anyone who regularly listens to pagan/Viking metal. ‘Bring in the Harvest/Bring in the Hate!’ Not Viking enough to raise a drinking horn to, but this packs enough of an oomph to start some furious hair-windmilling. Also, a little aside: see if you can spot the similarity to 3OH!3’s single ‘First Kiss’ in ‘Durch die Haare in das Kind.’

With acoustic guitar work in contemplative ‘Yggradsil,’ to some angry, fist-waving anthems to be found, Beissert is an elitist’s nightmare. Yet another band who doesn’t take themselves too seriously! The Pusher in all it’s wonderfully eclectic and mis-matched glory, remains one of the best albums I’ve listened to all year without being too pretentious or reliant on overladen musical skill and production. This one’s going to remain on my iPod for quite some time.

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