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Dead To Me - Wait For It [Single]

Dead To Me - Wait For It [Single]

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire September 24th, 2010.

September is the runt of the litter as months go. Not known for anything other than the dreaded end of the summer holidays and the rapid darkening of the evenings, it’s never been a big month for music releases either. Thankfully, Dead To Me have injected an brilliant slice of sunshine tinged pop-punk into music’s dreariest month.

“Wait for It” is a specially released 7-inch in honour of Dead To Me’s upcoming European tour, featuring the lead single and two tracks chucked in as a pleasing bonus. Dead To Me’s sound has changed slightly in the past couple of years after the departure of founding member Jack Darymple, and “Wait For It” understandably draws heavily on the new sound forged on 2009’s hit and miss LP African Elephants. There are no such misses here however, as “Wait For It” is Dead To Me doing what they do best - great melodic punk with irresistible hooks and their own stamp of tired regret. Although they tread a similar path to last years album for some, it definitely has more in common with the better half of Dead To Me’s recent work, so most fans won’t be complaining with this latest offering.

The two other tracks featured with the single, “Attack Form” and “Pay Stub” only serve to confirm Dead To Me’s place as one of the best bands around the Fat Wreck/Epitaph scene right now. Their music has the curious ability to conjure up images and feelings that only a Californian punk band can, reminding you instantly of Bracket, Jawbreaker and other similar groups, yet at the same time they have their own distinct sound. Dead To Me may never hit the heights of 2006’s unforgettable début Cuban Ballerina, but this latest single proves they can still make consistently great pop-punk. Long may it continue.

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