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Gaslamp Killer - Death Gate [EP]

Gaslamp Killer - Death Gate [EP]


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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin November 5th, 2010.

For the uninitiated William Bensussen - aka The Gaslamp Killer, aka simply GLK - is part of a cabal of West Coast artist/DJ's who appear to be attempting to re-invent various music forms for this century, their tools just a laptop and handful of damaged CD-R's.

Taking his name from the Gaslamp area of San Diego where as a teenager he first took to the decks more than ten years ago, GLK seems an unlikely revolutionary. Moustachioed and sporting a clump of frizzy curls, he admits that his early punk yearnings were blown away one night when he witnessed a DJ put a whole room of partygoers in his pocket. Impressed, he was soon practising every day on friends equipment, but arguably his real postgraduate work began three years ago, as part of the collective that runs the now legendary local club night Low End Theory.

This is a man who doesn't think like we do. And the good news is that he's coming after us all.
Anyway I digress. Back to the whole "Reinventing musical forms" thing, which I know sounds pretentious and frankly just wrong. I put it to you though that fellow Low End Theory maven Steven "Flying Lotus" Ellison did after all turn soul and jazz into a staccato amalgam of twisted bass, space age hip-hop and ethereal swirls of static on 2008's Los Angeles. Bensussen co-produced. Two years later, the profoundly gifted Gonjasufi would apply a blowtorch to the nipples of delta bluesmen like Robert Johnson on the groundbreaking A Sufi And A Killer. Bensussen co-produced that too. I think we can at least agree our friend has kudos.

After this enormous fucking build up it pains me deeply to tell y'all that the contents of Death Gate aren't however quite going to CHANGE THE FACE OF MUSIC AS WE KNOW IT. It's refreshingly far from normal though, most of the time sounding like John Carpenter on acid doing a soundtrack for a movie about some sort of mutant kung fu alien shit, especially on "Carpool Dummy". Gonjasufi's cameo - on the way odd soul/garage of "When I'm In Awe" - is one of the few moments of relative normality, but the breaks of "Shattering Inner Journey" are just the backdrop to a maze of sinister melodies, made apparently by the Clangers after some really strange mushrooms. The whole thing's bookended with a couple of brief tracklets - "Fun Over 100" and "Monsterfromtheunderground" - that could be described as techno, could be described as dubstep, but end up wrapped in the same shuffling weirdness which clearly is GLK's standard operating procedure. This is a man who doesn't think like we do. And the good news is that he's coming after us all.

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