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Ryan Innes - Call To Arms [EP]

Ryan Innes - Call To Arms [EP]

R Legacy Entertainment

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire November 7th, 2010.

Iím looking at Ryan Innesí profile and I havenít yet listened to any of the songs from his forthcoming EP. On the cover of Call To Arms is a man with a beard in a flat-cap in his mid-twenties. His biography states that he sounds like Jimi Hendrix, Michael Buble, Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones. So as you may guess, Iím rather unsure what to expect from this up-and-coming artist from the shores of Utah Lake.

Call To Arms consists of five songs: 'Call To Arms,' 'Colors' (an Amos Lee Cover), 'Next To You,' 'Beautiful Baby' and 'Georgia On My Mind.' In 'Call To Arms,' an acoustic guitar is what first enlightens my ears, and a soulful voice asks me: ďLittle soldier, are you ready for this?Ē. Yes, I am ready; sing to me. Iím already impressed with Innesí deeply moving voice and use of intertwined acoustics and piano.

Amos Lee wrote Colors in 2005, and released it on his self-titled dťbut album. But weíre not here to review his version, weíre reviewing Ryan Innesí version from his dťbut EP, Call To Arms. Of this, he does a fine job, using just a piano and his wonderful voice to match Leeís high standards of performance. In fact, it just gave me goose-bumps. Itís so emotionally deep, yet not to the hellishly deep realms of Celine Dion that make you want to jump off a cliff. 'Next To You' provides a more upbeat tempo, incorporating blues scales, yet still relinquishing that invigorating soul base.

There is only one word to describe Ryan Innesí first EP, Call To Arms, and that is beautiful.

Another acoustic guitar starts off 'Beautiful Baby,' a smooth-talking sans-piano song, accompanied with beautifully harmonised female vocals in the latter stages. Unfortunately there is an end to Call To Arms, and it is marked by 'Georgia On My Mind.' It has a sixty second piano introduction, and then a song that could be sung in the lobby of a Las Vegas hotel, typically soul and blues. Again, itís an exquisitely written song; a charming and tender love song.

Ryan Innes' voice is like white chocolate. You know that Lindor advert with the melted chocolate? Yeah, exactly like that. Heís got a perfect voice, and he implements it with such intelligence into his seamlessly written songs. Iím openly bewildered by Innesí musical talent; he plays the piano so brilliantly and cleverly. Another amazement is the range of his vocals, combining top highs and bottom lows to fluctuating piano notes - I couldnít do either of them, let alone both at the same time, hence my great respect and appreciation of Ryan Innesí music.

This is the kind of music that Iíd listen to whilst falling asleep or if I have a romantic night-in with my girlfriend. Ryan Innes has such a distinct voice and sound to his music. I understand the relation to Michael Buble but I believe Ryan Innes' has made his sound his own. There is only one word to describe Ryan Innesí first EP, Call To Arms, and that is beautiful. Itís truly wonderful. Iím going to be looking out for him on the radio in the near distant future. Because Ryan Innes is the future.

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