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Summer Hours - Alone Together [Album]

Summer Hours - Alone Together [Album]

Deep Elm Records

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire February 5th, 2011.

Summer Hours are an indie pop four piece from Brooklyn, New York that have just released their second LP Alone Together. This interesting name comes from the concept of the sound of the band and how they find their inspiration: "Two opposite words placed together, evoking the contradictory feelings and experiences we have going through life." This, at first sight seemed pretty appealing and let me tell you that I was really looking forward to hearing this record, not only because of the name (which I also have tattooed on my left foot but after The Strokes' song, and that's another story that I'll leave for a different occasion) but also because most of the post-punk-now-indie-pop bands with female vocal that came from NY recently all sound like a rocked-up version of She And Him, and I found that to be a very good attribute.

Having said that, this record was a major disappointment, mainly because many of the songs ended up more similar to a Blink 182 and Avril Lavigne mash-up than to any of the other elements described above. On the other hand I have to highlight singer's Rachel Dannefer voice which starts off on the record timidly, but evolves very positively half way through, being one of the most interesting assets of the songs.

"Do Right" is probably the best from the whole record, the bass provides a refreshing melody which alternates different tempos, and also in this song they added some more notorious back up choruses. What really turned me off the most were their extra naive lyrics, which have a pretty poor composition and lack creativity. They are simply too literal, and since their sound is not too complex either they leave us with almost nothing left to work with.

Summer Hours do have an interesting concept on paper, which unfortunately I don't believe it has properly translated to music.

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