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Black Veil Brides - Fallen Angels [Single]

Black Veil Brides - Fallen Angels [Single]

Lava Music/Universal Republic Records

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Last Edited by: marimusic September 23rd, 2011.

In July of 2010, Black Veil Brides released We Stitch These Wounds on Standby Records, an independent record label. The band has since signed to Universal Republic Records, with whom they are releasing their next album, Set the World on Fire. The first single from the album “Fallen Angels” gives fans a taste of what’s to come when Set the World on Fire is released this June.

“Fallen Angels” is certainly not the same as what we have heard from Black Veil Brides in the past. That doesn’t mean, however, that fans will be disappointed. Oh, there will be the inevitable cluster of people who get angry because Black Veil Brides has “changed” and they “aren’t the band they were” – but both of those are false statements. While this single (and, by implication, the album) have a new sound to them, they still maintain what has become the essence of the band: lyrical depth, driven instrumentals, and more than a touch of real rock and roll.

The differences are noticeable, however. For one, there is absolutely no screaming in this track. It’s laden with the group chants and power solos that fans have grown to love, but never once does vocalist Andy Biersack emit one of his now-well-known screams. Instead, he demonstrates a remarkable change in vocal styling by showing off his upper register. Biersack is known for having a deep voice, and on We Stitch These Wounds, for all its power, there wasn’t much demonstration of range. “Fallen Angels” (and, hopefully, the whole album) show a whole new side.

The lyrics of this track are another thing that will make “Fallen Angels” stand out as a hit single. Biersack’s fascination with religion - and his cooperation with his extraordinarily talented bandmates (he didn't write this track alone) - has lead him to an incredible allegory. The story of the fallen angels, the Nephilim, is often told from a different perspective, but the single focuses on the element of being caught in between, belonging nowhere. With the relationship this band has cultivated with its fans, and with their “Army” of “outcasts”, this song will reach out and touch upon the connection Black Veil Brides has with its following.

Instrumentally, the single’s wonderful. It’s heavy and driven but balanced enough that it isn’t overpowering. There’s a great guitar exchange about two and half minutes in, the rhythm’s enough that it gets your blood pumping, and the whole thing is brilliantly executed overall. Everything’s got a rock and roll element that isn’t seen as much in modern music. It’s raw and real and brings to mind some of the greats.

After watching side-stage for Black Veil Brides’ set at Bamboozle, heavy metal master Dee Snider (of Twisted Sister) tweeted that it was “Nice to see a band that looks like stars for a change”. Well, with this single, Black Veil Brides is reminding the world that stars are exactly what they are.

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