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Vampires Everywhere! - Kiss The Sun Goodbye [Album]

Vampires Everywhere! - Kiss The Sun Goodbye [Album]

Hollywood Waste Records

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin May 25th, 2011.

Los Angeles-based Vampires Everywhere! has made certain to stand apart from their contemporaries. From their consistency with image and concept to their interactions and openness with their fans, the band – consisting of vocalist Michael Vampire, guitarist Aaron Graves, bassist Alex Rogue, drummer David Darko, and newly-joined guitarist Philip Kross – has created a sound that fuses electronica with metal and works to elicit a surrealism and hardcore energy that blends better than it has any right to. This couldn’t be clearer than it is in their recent release, Kiss the Sun Goodbye, which dropped May 17 on Hollywood Waste Records.

It’s hard to not be impressed with the buildup Vampires Everywhere! and Hollywood Waste gave this album. They were releasing teaser videos and tracks for weeks, and shortly before they released they linked a stream of “Bleeding Rain,” a great track featuring William Control as a guest vocalist in the second verse. The track got a lot of good feedback from fans, and it definitely got the blood pumping for the release. (Yep, that pun was intended.) The band also popped up on StickAm multiple times to interact with their fans and keep everyone up to date on progress that was being made. Was the hype worth the finished product? Let’s see.

Kiss the Sun Goodbye pulls forward songs from Vampires Everywhere’s previous EP, Lost In The Shadows, and revamps them entirely (no pun intended), satisfying longtime fans by bringing back their favorite tracks. The songs haven’t lost any of their appeal, though fans and critics are torn on some notes as to which versions would win out if they had to choose. Demo “Dear Eliza” also makes its way onto the album as an exclusive bonus track. Single “Undead Heart” also remains incredibly well-received at this point, and while that may not be the gem of the album, the song was definitely a good choice of single. Fans are wild about the single and previously released/streamed tracks, but they’re also going wild for songs like “Kill the Chemicals,” which demonstrates buildup from light to thick backing of half-whispered vocals during the chorus and some really smooth clean vocals coupled with chanting in the choruses. “Children of the Night” – heavy and layered with vocals that alternate in style and tone – has become an anthem of sorts for the band’s devoted “VampTramps” and “covens”. It balances with tracks like synth-heavy “Silver Bullets Don’t Kill Vampires”.

The top track for many, surprisingly enough, was another bonus track - a cover a Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream". It works. Don't ask how, it just does. Personally, I'm anti-Katy Perry, and I hate this song... or at least I hated before listening to this version. It somehow keeps the element of the song that makes people want to move, but makes it less tinny and a lot heavier.

Overall, this album may not be perfect (“Bury Me Alive” was not the strongest opener they could have picked for the album, though I think the new version is an improvement over the old; the vocals seem scratchy and strained at parts), but it’s pretty damn catchy and the songs have a really great variety to them. Frontman Michael Vampire has been called a mix of Lestat de Lioncourt (of the classic Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles) and Aldous Snow (Russell Brand in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek) – guess that’s just another unlikely combination that worked out spectacularly when it comes to Vampires Everywhere!

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