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August Burns Red - Leveler [Album]

August Burns Red - Leveler [Album]

Solid State Records

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin July 3rd, 2011.

Since the 2007 release of "Messengers" August Burns Red have been on the fast track to success. They've sold hundreds of thousands of cd's, and sold out venues all around the world. Now they've embarked on a mission once again to bring their music to the masses. On June 21st they released their latest CD Leveler, and this is quite possibly their best record to date. Leveler wastes no time on an intro at all, instead, it jumps straight into one of the best songs on the CD titled "Empire".

I absolutely love the way that they started this album. 'Empire' sets the tone for the rest of the CD, and shows listeners that they still know how to deliver insanely swift guitar riffs combined with Lake Luhrs deep growls. Leveler departs from the more melodic tone set by August Burns Red's previous studio release Constellations and brings in a much heavier sound. Although some songs such as 'Carpe Diem' still have the melodic feel from the last CD, almost all of the other songs are faster, tighter, and more punishing than ever before.
My only complaint with Leveler, is the lyrics. It's not really a complaint, just a minor annoyance. But it seems to come across very preachy. Most of the lyrics go a little something like this: "He is God. We are just men. Who are we to question? He is God. He is God." Truthfully, I'm a fair person and I completely respect that August Burns Red have something that they believe so strongly in. But it would be nice to have some songs that are accessible to all people. Not all people who enjoy metal want to be preached to for an hour while listening to some music and I only wish that they made their music a tad more universal to all people. That being said, I do realize that August Burns Red are a Christian band, and the lyrics that accompany Leveler should be expected. (Note: This is only my opinion,and it is not meant to offend anyone!)

Now with all of that said and done, I have to say that Leveler is remarkable. If you are a fan of August Burns Red, you will not be disappointed by this album. If you enjoy metal music, you will most likely also enjoy it too. It comes highly recommended from me! Go listen to: "Leveler" (It's also the name of a song on the CD)

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