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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin October 2nd, 2011.

Almost a decade on from breaking up, Earth Crisis are still going strong. In 2002, it seemed that Earth Crisis would be confined to the legends of yesteryear, but clearly they weren’t done. Neutralize The Threat, the band’s second record on from a 2007 reformation shows that they still had plenty left to say.

Whilst their initial followers will be delighted with the bands’ continued productivity, I’m sure they are also a welcome addition to the shelves of most metal fans. The sounds feels fresher and more intense than the first time this band were around.

The record packs a punch up there with the very best in the crossover metal/hardcore circles, and why wouldn’t it? Earth Crisis have been doing this for over 20 years (barring the 4 year break), and the experience is showing.

Opener ‘Raise’ serves as a "calm before the storm" moment, building up gradually with a heavy bass line on top of distortion for over 20 seconds before the vocal hit, it’s a track which provided glimpses of what the band are about and offers teasers for what to expect over the next thirty minutes.

Tracks like ‘Total War’ and title-track ‘Neutralize The Threat’ stand out and each provide their own mix to the general concoction of metal-core goodness served up over the album. ‘Counterstrike’, ‘Black Talons Tear’ and ‘Askari’ also stand out and are worth a listen on their own merit.

Overall what Earth Crisis do on this record isn’t groundbreaking or brand new. They do build on what hardened fans know and love, and for me provide enough substance to warrant any newcomers giving them a chance. This is a solid, current offering by Earth Crisis which shows the band were right to come back and keep making music, hopefully they will continue to do so.

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