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StooShe - Betty Woz Gone [Single]

StooShe - Betty Woz Gone [Single]

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A few weeks back, by a beautiful and wonderful chance, a little mixtape landed in my inbox. I have to say that I absolutely love the fact that artists are creating mash ups of their talent and creativity so you get an intense blast of passion, music, excitement, urgency, emotions, attitude and pretty much anything else artists feel they want to throw in the mix. It’s like an album on speed, which is perfect for you to get introduced to a band. This little mixtape made me fall in love with the grime/hip-hop/urban genre like never before. I’ve always been a fan, but my gosh, this is something else entirely.

StooShe are like no other band in the music industry at the moment, especially girl bands. If you’ve read my stuff before, you know full well that I don’t have time for “good girl, record label manufactured, sugary girl groups”. Well, I can safely say that StooShe are the complete opposite! They’ve torn that stereotype into smithereens, put it all together again, put it in a blender with every food colouring ever made, cooked in the oven for about 3 hours, and BOOM, you have the StooShe revolution.

Betty Woz Gone is a tremendous debut single, it conveys their playfulness, magic and sheer talent. With a earth-shaking combination of stunning vocals, tip-of-your-tongue lyrical genius, awash with deep bass and a bouncing melodies, it’s impossible for you not to like this. The girls narrates a story of a ‘lady’ called Betty who lives a promiscuous life in an estate in the darker parts of London City, and how her lifestyle led to her demise. Their fun and modern deliverance of certain traditional story telling is extremely compelling and adds the ideal skeleton to layer the fantastic fusion of rhythm, heart-beat bass and seductive synths. We get another surprise right at the end, where The Fresh Prince of Bell Air’s theme track is adapted to fit in with the story, which is an epic twist as finishes off strong, spunky and adds that extra little bit of relevance to it as most of us know this tune, don’t we?

Stunning, talented, original, organic, sexy, harmonious, explosive… I give you StooShe!

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