Review: Pugwash - The Olympus Sound [Album]

Review: Pugwash - The Olympus Sound [Album]

EMI Lojinx/1969 Records | "Pleasant enough listen as a whole, it's a trip back to less complicated times"

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Last Edited by: Ffion Davies March 18th, 2012.

Well well well! Every day is a school day! "What the hell is this guy rambling about?" I hear you yell. I am rambling about the fact the aforementioned Pugwash are releasing their 5th long player, *shrugs shoulders*, no, I've never heard of them either. This fifth offering entitled The Olympus Sound may change things forever for this band from Ireland led by mainman Thomas Walsh, for the better of course.

For The Olympus Sound Mr Walsh has collaborated with such luminaries as Andrew Partridge from New Wavers XTC, Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon and he of his FIVE fame Ben Folds. A sparkling formation indeed. From listening to the album it seems all of the above are massive fans of a 70's vibe, it hits you from the outset 'Answers On A Postcard' is ELO crowded atop The Beach Boys surfboard while it's still strapped T-Rex's tour van roof, seriously how more seventies can you get?! ....Oh it has a Kazoo breakdown too.

LISTEN: 'Answers on a Postcard'

'There You Are' starts with a synth hook rescued from Rick Wakeman's dustbin, then mixed in with touches of Psychedelia, only touches mind. '15 Kilocycle Town' is a stand out track, bringing on swirling psych rock guitars to the fore that blends perfectly with Walsh's simple lyrics. Whereas 'Be My Friend A While' could easily be a lost track from forgotten 70's boyband The Bay City Rollers (ask Granny, I'll bet she was a fan), only remastered for a cooler 2012 audience of course.

Olympus... is a pleasant enough listen as a whole, it's a trip back to less complicated times. Times where flared trousers, Kipper ties and Corduroy elbow patches were in style and seeing as the latter are De Rigueur once more, then it only seems fair the era's sounds should be given a shot too.

The Olympus Sound is released 2nd April 2012

Worth a Listen:
  • Answers On A Postcard
  • 15 Kilocycle Town
  • See You Mine (coda)

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