REVIEW: Gold Fields - EP [EP]

REVIEW: Gold Fields - EP [EP]

EMI | "The Australian five piece are a dance/rock/pop mash-up and they exude happiness in every way."

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Last Edited by: Ffion Davies April 1st, 2012.

If you pay attention to SXSW then you’ll already be vigorously trying to listen to hundreds of bands that until recently you didn’t even know existed and so you should be because some of them aren’t going back into obscurity. One such band is Gold Fields who have come out on top making top five lists, left right and centre, of bands you should now be checking out. They covered ‘Born Slippy’ with all live instrumentation--which we imagine is no easy feat -- and their party got shut down by security which can only mean that it was ludicrously good.

The Australian five piece are a dance/rock/pop mash-up and they exude happiness in every way. Their self-titled EP comes before they release their debut record later this year and they’re building the tension way in advance.

‘Moves’ is a harsh sound track with lyrics about breaking bones and other fun things that might happen to you on a night out, “I need an ambulance, I couldn’t find my face.” The instrumentation is dark enough to match as trance laden beats coalesce with a thin yet striking guitar hook to heighten your senses in this world of night time euphoria. It’s definitely mood music and there’s something here for every mood.

Their sound is warped and packed with suspense, but it’s also light airy pop that glitters. ‘The Woods’ has electric drill drones and sparse rhythmic electric drums, but then it has clapping and ‘Oohs’ lining the chorus. It’s odd, but it works in the same way that Yeasayer’s sound works, it’s infectious. Opening track ‘Treehouse’ is a bite sized gem of pop perfection with absolutely no chinks in its armour. From a heart melting vocal performance with lyrics about love that don’t always appear that way; “Do you know how far we are from the moon?” to lots and lots of musical layers that smother you in beauty it might just be impossible to hate this track.

LISTEN: 'The Woods'

Gold Fields are the band that will brighten your day, your summer, and your year. Security might have stopped the people from dancing, but they can never stop the party and with Gold Fields now on your radar you’ll want to make sure you invite everyone.

Gold Fields EP is out now

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  • Treehouse

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