Review: Volenté – Hollow [Single]

Review: Volenté – Hollow [Single]

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Last Edited by: Ffion Davies April 28th, 2012.

OK, dear reader, imagine if you will (and bear with me here), that Cocteau Twins' singer Elizabeth Fraser (4AD Goth-rock goddess, ask your parents!) is your mother, your older sister is none other than 90's one hit wonder Zoe of Sunshine on a Rainy Day fame and your mad auntie who visits your house almost daily is the one and only airport boxer and epic screaming oddball Bjork...Imagine a bit a further, that not only do you live and grow in this family unit but also your best friends on the street are trip hop legends Tricky, Massive Attack and Portishead and you all go out every Friday night to the local Dubstep/D'n'B club for a weekly freak out. (Yes I know it's very far fetched, I did say bear with me didn’t I!) If this was you and your back story, then it is highly likely your voice would end up sounding like Volenté on her single 'Hollow'.

This is not indeed the case with this lady however. As Volenté was born and raised in South Africa but now resides in South Wales. This lady has skipped and hopped through so many genres it is truly mind boggling. No, seriously, she has, read her her biography. She has explored every corner of every musical style you care to think of.

This traversing has served her well, as you will hear when her voice glides out of the speakers, following the 20 or so seconds of trip-hop flavoured hi-hats and piano plinkery plonkery of intro 'Hollow'. It makes for instantly mesmerising listening.
The chill-step beats and gentle 'drops' soothe the soul, Volenté's alluring tones massage your aching weary shoulders all the while the songs message of finding new paths in life lift the mind to a higher plane.

This record is a delight. It cast an eye to past classics from a 'rave generation' via 'trip-hop' favourites and brings it all bang up to date with its bassy backdrop while still holding on to an 'indie' root or two.

If you are out in the garden having a chilled out barbecue this summer, the sun is setting and everyone is getting reflective. This is the soundtrack to that moment.

Volenté didn’t leave this man 'Hollow'.

'Hollow' is released 30th April

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