Review: Jackyl W/The Nigel Dupree Band @ House of Blues N. Myrtle Beach, SC [Live]

Review: Jackyl W/The Nigel Dupree Band @ House of Blues N. Myrtle Beach, SC [Live]

Review of Jackyl W/The Nigel Dupree Band from Saturday, May 19th, 2012

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On Saturday, May 19th, 2012 a rock concert occurred at the House of Blues in N. Myrtle Beach, SC as two remarkable acts took the stage. The Nigel Dupree Band and Jesse James Dupree (from Jackyl) are related acts so it was as if it were a family night of rock. One thing that each act had in common was their love of rock music, which was clearly portrayed throughout both performances.

In celebration of the Myrtle Beach "Bike Week" that was currently taking place a three day event full of biker festivities occurred. In order to bring in a weekend to remember 'The Throttle Saloon Presents: Throttle Fest Myrtle Beach' came to town and invaded the House of Blues. The House of Blues was transformed into the World's Largest Biker Bar. Events feature meet and greets with Michael and Angie, Jesse and Goat from the Full Throttle television show, along with The Flaunt Girls, The Full Throttle Rock Star Bartenders, and more! Concerts of the weekend included performances by Theory of a Deadman, Pop Evil, Jackyl, The Marshall Tucker Band, and more!

With this being the closing night of this three day event, before opening act The Nigel Dupree Band took the stage, The Flaunt Girls performed on stage to get the crowd rowdy for their last night of rock ‘n roll festivities. Entering the stage in what most wear on Halloween, these girls used their sexual looks and burlesque dancing skills to pump up the crowd. With each dance number more clothing items fell to the floor as these girls danced around. Bikers from each side of the venue were hollering, drooling, and in absolute awe of The Flaunt Girls. Using both props and sex appeal these ladies sure won over the men in the crowd.

Once these girls left the stage, The Nigel Dupree Band took the stage. Although Nigel doesn’t bring a chainsaw out on stage, he is very much like his father (lead singer of Jackyl). Without a doubt, their music sounds a lot like what you would expect to hear from the offspring of Jackyl’s lead singer. Not only does The Nigel Dupree Band remind one of Jackyl, but also of an eighties hair metal band, with a touch of southern rock. Dupree and his band took the stage thrashing hard. Their energy was high, the vocals were consistent, and the instrumentals were also on cue. These newcomers were a great choice as an opening act, especially since the lead singers of both bands were family. “Like father like son” was a thought that crossed my mind throughout this performance. You could easily see the resemblance between both Jesse James and Nigel Dupree. Both possessed ideal stage presence, front man charisma, and incredible amounts of energy. They even had similar hairstyles, as they both rocked unbelievably long hair for men this day in age.

When it was time for headliners Jackyl to take the stage, they came out ready to rock! This hair band knows how to get the crowd going. Just like the opening act, a Jackyl concert consists of sleazy rock music with a southern feel. The band put on a fabulous performance. They were all so full of energy and the crowd seemed to have enjoyed every moment that these boys were on stage. The guitars were nice and loud, the vocals were strong, and there was plenty of Crown Royal on stage to go around. Memorable songs of the night were ‘Down On Me’, ‘I Stand Alone’, and ‘Just Like A Negro’.

Featured during the ‘Just Like A Negro’ song number was Darryl “DMC” McDaniels who also guested on the recording of this track. Periodically throughout Jackyl’s tour schedule DMC appears and performs three song numbers with them on stage. DMC and Jackyl also took the crowd a few years back with a solid performance on popular Run-DMC track ‘It’s Tricky’. Throughout these tracks both the members of Jackyl and DMC really got crazy and loose! The rapping of DMC and the singing of Jesse James Dupree meshed well and made for a phenomenal performance! Perhaps the most enjoyed song number of the night was ‘Walk This Way’, as the fans were jumping around as if the floor was hot lava.

Inviting the Flaunt Girls, all of the Full Throttle Saloon hosts, and a Leprechaun up on stage for a song number was also a very memorable moment of the night. Another highlight of Jackyl’s performance was at the end of the show when Jesse James Dupree brought a chainsaw and a stool out on stage and proceeded to cut it in half. This concert is a show that everyone of all ages can enjoy. One of the fans that seemed to capture the most attention from the audience, photographers, and also the bands was ten year old Cary, North Carolina resident, Haven Capps. This ball of energy had everyone cheering and certainly gave the crowd a show of her own. She walked out of the concert venue with a drum stick, a guitar pick, half of the stool that Jesse James Dupree cut in half with his chainsaw, autographs, and a personal invitation to meet each of the bands. This just goes to show how the members of Jackyl like to thank their loving supporters.

Overall, this concert deserves a rave review. The Duprees, as well as the rest of the opening act and Jackyl were an excellent choice in bringing the “Bike Week” festivities to a close. This weekend consisted of one thrilling rock show after the next. The Nigel Dupree Band and Jackyl killed their performances with their over the top energetic shows, and because of this “Bike Week” ended on a successful note. If you are ever given the opportunity to catch either of these acts live, I highly recommend doing so because this night was definitely a treat for everyone who stood before the stage.

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