Review: Kath Bloom - Here I am [EP]

Review: Kath Bloom - Here I am [EP]

Caldo Verde Records // "Decades on and her material is still lilting and graceful".

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Kath Bloom is an American singer-songwriter perhaps best known for her song 'Come Here' in Richard Linklater’s film Before Sunrise. In fact, Kath Bloom has legendary status in the realms of folk music and has been making records since the mid seventies. Her new EP Here I Am follows in a tradition of melancholic melodies and broody, bluesy guitar playing. Kath Bloom’s songs convey an unshakeable sense of hopelessness. Her title track, ‘Here I am’ paints a lonely picture ("The things that I’ve done / They don’t touch anyone") but the true beauty of Kath Bloom's lyrics is not found in their sadness, but through her ability to make plain poetry sounds intricate in her compelling, strained vocal.

WATCH // 'Come Here' (Before Sunrise)

In 1976 Bloom teamed up avant-garde guitarist Loren Mazza Cane Connors and they recorded multiple albums together. Decades on and her material is still lilting and graceful. At times Here I Am is difficult listening because it so lamenting in tone and the shaky uncertainty in Kath Bloom's voice is frustrating. However, despite these discrepancies, each track is full of rare, unbounded emotional rawness that speaks volumes of Kath Bloom's talent and experience.

Here I am is released on June 25th with Caldo Verde Records.

Kath Bloom
is also playing a handful of dates in the U.S.
  • 6/20 // Havens Underground Nevada City, CA
  • 6/21 // Smileys Bolinas, CA
  • 6/22 // Carter Ranch Festival Bootjack, CA
  • 6/23 // Carter Ranch Festival Bootjack, CA
  • 6/24 // The Sanitarium/Barn San Luis Obispo, CA
  • 6/26 // The Alternative Cafe Seaside, CA
  • 6/27 // Henry Miller Library Big Sur, CA

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