Review: Wayne Tomsett – Deceiver [Single]

Review: Wayne Tomsett – Deceiver [Single]

Self Released | "Clearly demonstrates his love and understanding of a good melody as well as songwriting as a whole"

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire September 23rd, 2012.

Wayne Tomsett is a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and songwriter from East Sussex, UK. He currently performs in local metal/post-hardcore band, Samurai who impressed with me their debut release back in June, but not being content with one project, he has also started a solo career which harks back to his early acoustic roots. His first solo release is the single, ‘Deceiver’; a look into the pitfalls and powerful emotions of teenage love, which is something we all unfortunately have to experience.
I'd like to think my songs and lyrics are emotive, very personal, interesting and aren't just a series of clichés
Wayne recently explained about the project. With influences that include acts like Dallas Green’s folk-rock troop, City and Colour and the classic alternative rock sound of Counting Crows, he is aiming for moving and passionate guitar-led music that hopefully as well as being a release for him in ways, is relatable to others.

Having only been used to hearing Wayne in full on metal band frontman mode, I was completely shocked when what I heard on my first listen was a tender, melodic tone coming from my speakers. The single’s subtle opening of acoustic guitar and strings laid gently under vocal harmonies instantly grabs your attention. The phrasing of the song is great; each section building into the other and creating more emotion as the story unfolds. “You just cause pain. He wants you to know that he hasn’t let go and he doesn’t love anyone else, he doesn’t love anyone else” the poignant words hit in the moments before the chorus; written from the point of view of a friend confronting the heartbreaker in question.

The chorus itself is especially memorable and has an almost Sinead O’ Connor, ‘Nothing Compares To You’ type melody and atmosphere. It's the added strings and similarly paced rhythm! There’s a small break near the three minute mark which gradually builds tension as the steady beat marches back in and the overlapping harmonies get more hot-blooded. “The truth hurts, I heard the truth hurts don’t you know” is repeated until it flows straight back into the well-written chorus once more ; his vocals being a mix of Tracey Chapman’s slightly awkward but endearing diction and it may sound bizarre, but Lostprophet’s Ian Watkins in his most fiery and emotive performances (listen from 3:30 onwards then you’ll know what I mean).

Wayne has clearly demonstrated his love and understanding of a good melody here as well as songwriting as a whole. Plus for a debut solo track from a new artist without major backing, the mix is pretty good. It’s evidently a subject which means a great deal to him and has certainly made for a really effective first single. If you want to hear more, you’ll be pleased to know his debut solo EP, Human Minds which includes ‘Deceiver’ is coming soon. In the mean time you can purchase and listen to the single here. And keep up to date with news on his Facebook page.

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