Review: Wild International - Lake Tones [EP]

Review: Wild International - Lake Tones [EP]

Self-released // "While not quite groundbreaking, Lake Tones is never less than enjoyable"

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Last Edited by: Ffion Davies November 27th, 2012.

New York indie trio Wild International show us some Lake Tones. And while we don't know what it means, we do know it sounds pretty good, like, a subtle blend of post-punk attitudes, post-rock idealism and indie-rock instrumentals.

In many ways they remind you of At The Drive In, but it feels like At The Drive In with a softer, contemporary edge. 'Young Wayfarer' does a better job of planting Wild International's flag, a sonic wave of chaos and restrained energy. It could work well as an instrumental, but with lead singer Ryan Camenzuli's croaked but smooth vocals added in it becomes a truly awesome display of musical connection.

At other times their form of raucous but composed indie rock recalls the Oh Inverted World era of The Shins, albeit with a faster edge and fewer obscure lyrics. They flit between genres with gusto, and first single Creeks shows this in fully realised glory. Catchy like Arcade Fire but scaled down to 'guys around a campfire' levels of simplicity, and it's a much more intimate experience as a result.

LISTEN // Wild International - 'Creeks'

The band show a colorful spectrum, with the soothing tones of final track Mayoridad staking a good claim for best song of Lake Tones. Camenluzi brings a Jeff Buckley grace to a post-rock ballad, overcoming the potential gawky sentimentality to add weight to the guitar's mournful tune.

So while Lake Tones isn't quite groundbreaking, it's never less than enjoyable. It takes you into the world of Wild International's music and shows you a good time at that, it lets you forget about your troubles for a while. If you like the raw edge of their contemporaries you may feel a little underwhelmed, but it looks like Wild International are right where they want to be.

Lake Tones is out December 18th on self-release

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