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Review: KRTS - The Dread of An Unknown Evil [Album]

Review: KRTS - The Dread of An Unknown Evil [Album]

Project Mooncircle Records // "A deeply layered piece of electronic beauty..."

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin December 1st, 2012.

I had been having a particularly bad day today. Nothing had gone right, and so I was sitting down to listen to the debut full length album by New York City's own KRTS ready to direct some literary anger at this DJ/producer. I wanted to be fair, but if it didn't meet my standards it was going to get destroyed.

I sat down wearily and plugged my laptop in to the sound system, ready to dissect every one of its stupid mistakes in what I would see as my honour bound duty as a music journalist to alert the public to. Thirty seconds in to first track 'Something New' I realised this wasn't going to be an opportunity to vent, but by a minute in I didn't care. By two minutes I realised that with The Dread of An Unknown Evil, KRTS has produced one of the finest albums of 2012.

KRTS has produced a deeply layered piece of electronic beauty. He adopts a Flying Lotus style passion for slick beats and steadily throbbing basslines. It's part dubstep, part deep house. Not only that, but with Unknown Evil, the New York DJ has the reverb pitch perfect, it flits between your ears, disorientating you and infecting your senses to great effect.

LISTEN //KRTS - 'Knuckle Under'

2011 saw the release of his first EP, Hold On, but with a full album KRTS has woven a stunning combination. The elements of dubstep and electro-hop creep in under the melody, veiling the whole album in a dark shroud of menace and moody realism.

The album explores all kinds of emotions, but there is a noticeable focus on the dark side of the human psyche. Fear is explored in depth, second track Fire feels like an ominous study of the inevitability of death, but it's hidden behind a veneer of potent minimal house and trip-hop beats, so you don't even get totally depressed.

The best track of the album is too hard to choose, but the definite highlights would have to be slick electro-jazz number'Strange Boys in Blue' and ethereal deep house opener 'Something New'. John Hairston's astral vocals prove the ideal accompaniment to the songs slick melody and KRTS' unique brand of harmonic electro.

So, an intricate and beautifully elaborate piece of melodic minimal house, with all the hallmarks of a commercially popular album, sounds too good to be true. But with The Dread of An Unknown Evil it's clear that at least one man has the formula.

There's a great little snippet of KRTS new album available here, but for those of you after the real thing, The Dread of An Unknown Evil is out December 10th on Project Mooncircle Records.

To find out more visit his Facebook here.

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