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Review: Kansas - Kansas City [EP]

Review: Kansas - Kansas City [EP]

Troupe Records // "...look beneath the surface and you'll find a tightly woven piece of minimal tech mastery..."

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Last Edited by: Jack Stovin March 3rd, 2013.

Originally breaking onto the scene with his acclaimed future bass alias TANKA, long time London and Troupe resident Kansas tries to push the results into darker depths. It might seem a little formulaic at first, but look beneath the surface of Kansas City and you'll find a tightly woven piece of minimal tech mastery.

Slick and brooding, opening track Let Go oozes with dark sentimentality, the seemingly simple syncopation belying its complexity. The 'basic' veneer of the track might lead people to label it as "too dull," but if you like your house mixed up with hints of garage and a load of bass throbbing just underneath the surface then Kansas could well become a staple sound on your iPod.

WATCH // Kansas - 'Let Go'

Kansas had, apparently, become 'sick of mindless and emotionless music' prompting the young musician to set his sights on the murky depths of modern progressive tech house. Second track 'Menthol' is a much more avant-garde effort, dropping the subtlety in return for a sharp burst of ecstatic electronic energy. It keeps Kansas' eye for the steady build-up but covers a wider range of influence, taking on the catchy get-up-and-dance ideal of modern electro.

The three track EP finishes off with a remix of Let Go from fellow Troupe tech prodigy Whitesquare, and although the differences are fairly subtle (besides the more prominent percussion), it stands above the original in terms of dance-floor filler. The nineties inspired house hooks contrast perfectly with the track's thick bass waves.

So while Kansas City isn't exactly a pitch-perfect piece of tech house brilliance, it still manages to colour your ears with a healthy palate of smooth rhythms and pulsating basslines. In short, when you hear this EP, it might not take you to a new world, but you know you're not in Kansas anymore!

Kansas City is out now on Troupe Records.

To find out more visit Troupe's Facebook here.

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