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Review: Various Artists - Kitsuné Parisien III [Album]

Review: Various Artists - Kitsuné Parisien III [Album]

Kitsuné // “You should just sit back and admire the tracks chosen for Kitsuné Parisien III”

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Last Edited by: Chris MUG5 Maguire February 17th, 2013.

Well what can you say about a Kitsuné compilation album? One word could describe it, or ten again so could fifty thousand! Kitsuné are always special, and they never ever let the team down. Part three in the ‘Parisien’ series, rocks some of the coolest tunes in the world right now, cooler than your trendy quiffs or retro underwear. The whole French, slick essence oozes around every Kitsuné record, and Kitsuné aren’t afraid to show it.

Kitsuné's concept is to present the best new music available in today’s mental music industry. And somehow, Kitsuné get it right every time. Not only that, Kitsuné give you the teasers as to what is currently cooking up some heat on the music scene at the moment, so you can be sure that you are ahead of the game! With this new release you can even impress your friends by trying to pronounce "Kitsuné Parisien"correctly (try it, I haven’t a bloody clue).

Kitsuné are like the cool kid at school that everyone looks up to and wants to be. They wear the latest styles and create their own following without even thinking about it. You should just sit back and admire the tracks chosen for Kitsuné Parisien III. There is literally no single track that sits up and slaps the shit out of you with its cool-stank as it is a collective cool. Each time you listen to each track, they just get better, and better. The album deserves a full month’s play, on repeat, and LOUD. Trust me.

Whether it’s the laid-back ‘Phenomena’ by “chic dandies” Synapson, the bass ridden Kavinsky-esq ‘Donna’ by the dark horse Dombarance or the up-lifting disco pop track ‘Cosma’ by the 20 year old producer Le Crayon. There is a plethora of pleasing, substantially slick tracks on this compilation.

As you may be aware, the one word review wasn't happening, neither was the fifty thousand, but just a few words on why Kitsuné really do a fine job of being cool is enough to sum it up.

Kitsuné Parisien III is out 1st March 2013, and you really should go get this.

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