Review: Nerina Pallot – Lonely Valentine Club [EP]

Review: Nerina Pallot – Lonely Valentine Club [EP]

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Apparently, miserable is the new happy. Seriously – everybody’s at it. In fact, Adele has made a fortune from being miserable, while Coldplay have been earning money from it for years. If it works for them, why shouldn't it work for the latest miserable, depressed songwriter on the block Nerina Pallot?

With the title Lonely Valentine Club, this could have easily rolled off the Adele production trail and it’s not surprising that Lonely Valentine Club tells the story of the typical loveless woman. It is jilted woman territory – a gloomy and lonesome ode to the Valentines idea but you don’t have to be of similar frame of mind to enjoy this release.

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Nerina does do a lot of moaning on Lonely Valentine Club. The lyrics that run through ‘Love Is An Unmade Bed’ are basically a verse of self pity. “What can we do but divide up our books / And our records and field all our friends' funny looks.” This is clearly coming from a love struck woman and the emotion and feeling that she puts into her lyrics are complemented by the sweet melodies and eloquent harmonies that accompany it in the background.

‘Not OverYou’ continues the apathy of a jilted lover as Nerina has yet another loveless moan. Whatever the background to the songs on this EP, it is obvious that Nerina herself is rather unlucky in love, such is the detail and emotion that she relays in every track. A haunting piano melody sets the sombre tone for this track early on as the key to its success lies in its instrumental simplicity. Nerina does nothing too striking or too clever with the music, instead keeping the same, simple melodies which offer a stripped back foundation for her heartfelt vocals.

An accomplished songwriter, Nerina has written in the past for well known artists such as Kylie Minogue and Diana Vickers but not everything on Lonely Valentine Club is her own work. Also included is a beautiful cover of CeCe Peniston’s joyeous club classic ‘Finally,’ which Nerina completely shuffles about into a more gloomy, downbeat track. Again, the misery of a broken relationship is enforced upon the song and it gives an example of the flexibility and adaptability of Nerina Pallot as an artist. That she can turn a happy club anthem into a gloomy ballad-like piece of music is testament to her performance credentials.

In essence, what you have with Lonely Valentine Club is an example of just what Nerina Pallot can do as an artist. Her songwriting abilities have already been proven and Lonely Valentine Club gives her chance to demonstrate what she can do as an artist. Yes, it is at times a miserable, lovesick moan but it is delivered in such a passionate and emotional way that you cannot help but feel empathy for Nerina. However, underneath all the misery lies a theme of hope and recovery. The slight hope is that all is not lost for Nerina and there may be a way out of her lovesickness. It is this contrast that makes Lonely Valentine Club such a fascinating record to listen to and introduces Nerina Pallot the artist as someone every bit as talented as Nerina Pallot the songwriter.

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