Review: The Bolts - Wait 'Til We're Young [Album]

Review: The Bolts - Wait 'Til We're Young [Album]

Bolts Broadcasting Co | "...behind all that childish adherence...there's a real rock band, just itching to show it's face"

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What do you do when you live in a sunny paradise surrounded by the worlds elite and gorgeous scenery? Surely you have it all, you might as well just spend the rest of your life wallowing in unadulterated opulence, sunning yourself on the beach. For Californian five-piece The Bolts, it wasn't that simple. They wanted more than just sun, sand and socializing, and so the best way to do that; write music all about sun, sand and socializing.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing, the group have an ear for music and the kind of carefully coiffured look that teenage girls seem to go crazy for. Having said that, if you want some real depth to your music, perhaps you're better off looking to a band with less of a focus on romance and partying. 'Take on The Night' gives you a good indication of where The Bolts attitudes lie. First single 'Walk Away' showcases the rockier side of the band's repertoire, hammer on riffs and a neatly worked little solo punctuating what would otherwise be another pop-rock semi-anthem.

WATCH | The Bolts - Walk Away

There has to be something said for the band's decision to remain independent, proving just because it's poppy as hell doesn't mean it's all about the record deal. The band have built a stable and devoted audience by doing their own thing and managing to appeal to a huge slice of the alternative rock crowd simultaneously. To some they might feel a bit too lightweight, but if you like your pop-rock to go down easy then The Bolts will have you salivating. The entirety of Wait 'Til We're Young tastes of summer air, hanging with friends in the sun and teenage naivety. Of course they're from California, their sound sums up the superficial glimmer of California life, never really scratching the surface but entirely secure in it's sincerity.

Pop-rock may seem like an ambiguous label, but in fairness The Bolts cover a lot of ground. The solo's of 'Play The Music' and 'Walk Away,' not to mention the sheer melodic-power of each track, proves the boys have a talent for music. Whether it could have been put to better use writing songs with any depth is up to you, but if you're willing to just sit back and mindlessly enjoy the ride then you're in for a treat.

WATCH | The Bolts - The Truth

The multiple harmonies work perfectly with their carefree style, giving the album a smooth veneer and helping it slip into your ears like honey. They lend themselves to stadium anthems, but you can't help but feel that a smaller gig would let you see the band let their hair down and rock out a bit more. Maybe that's their appeal, knowing that behind all that childish adherence to songs about how 'Our Love Can Change the World', there's a real rock band, just itching to show it's face and trash a few hotel rooms.

Wait 'Til We're Young is out now via Bolts Broadcasting Co.

To find out more visit their Facebook here.

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