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Hey Rosetta - Into Your Lungs (and around in your heart and on through your blood)

Hey Rosetta - Into Your Lungs (and around in your heart and on through your blood)

Sonic Records

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I will admit that the first thing that drew me to pick this album up was the artwork. Before I had even heard a single note the artwork in itself had captivated me. Its always nice to see a band that take the time and effort to create a full package to work with the music. Hey Rosetta have done just that with this incredibly titled album "Into Your Lungs (and around your heart and on through your blood)".

Wikipedia states Hey Rosettas influences as The Beatles, Jeff Buckley and Arcade Fire. Now that is not a bad bunch of bands to be listed against. Some bands can take an influence and try and create an entire album based on that band *cough panic at the disco cough* but what Hey Rosetta do is take each influence and with an almost ghost like fashion, elegantly weave into the already layered and sometimes beautiful songs. When listening to the album you can hear elements of each band softly embody the track and take it where it needs to go. It may be the mass vocal singalongs on "A Thousand Suns" like Arcade Fire or the soft haunting vocal style of Jeff Buckley that becomes apparent on "Black Heart".

I have been listening to "Into Your Lungs (and around your heart and on through your blood)" on a constant loop now since 9:30pm and I've seen the sky darken from a late summers night to become a cool night with a light drizzle in the air with the smell drifting into my room. Now in that time and those changes, not once have I opted for a different album to listen to. Hey Rosetta have crafted a masterpiece that can, as far as I've experienced tonight, suit any time of day or night or season. I want to explain more about the music and the vocals and all other things that you are meant to do in a review but i fear I wont do it justice.

The most intriguing track on the entire album for me has to be "Tired Eyes". At almost six minutes long, this track is an epic masterpiece of hushed genius. starting with, in comparison to the other tracks, the most quiet mournful sounds. Its comes drifting out of the speakers in a way that is hard to explain. It pulls you in close as if the whole song is some kind of secret that is being whispered to you. Just one man and a piano and the ever present but never over demanding string section. Then without warning, it changes. The piano and strings are gone. In its place is a the softest sounding electric guitar. And its all building. The band are taking notice and filling the empty air with sound. Soon the vocals are joining in in an almost choral way. From the near silence of the opening moments of the song to the crescendo it has become it has taken you somewhere you wont be forgetting in a hurry.

I want to tell you more. I want to describe the beauty of each track to you and why "Into Your Lungs" is so good but it will spoil it for you. Even though its the same album being listened to, I imagine each persons journey to the sound of the piano fading away on the final track will be different. Its like a well told story but with each listen its a little bit different.

Rocking when it needs to be and delicate and intimate when the time is right with Tim Bakers vocals suiting each mood and journey the songs take you on. "Into Your Lungs" is a deceptively uplifting album leaving you with a warm feeling inside that most bands strive for but never achieve, but it seems as if Hey Rosetta manage it with ease.

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