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Review: Romare - Projections [Album]


Ninja Tune | "Complex but rewarding"

Review Comments 572 Views

Review: All That Remains - The Order Of Things [Album]

Review: All That Remains - The Order Of Things [Album]

Review Comments 451 Views

Razor & Tie | "It’s like the quintet are playing catch-up with the “kids these days”. "

Review: Father John Misty - I Love You, Honeybear [Album]


Bella Union/Sub Pop | "Brilliantly bizarre"

Review Comments 1,049 Views

Review: The Four Owls - Natural Order [Album]


High Focus Records | "The best hip hop album of the 21st century"

Review Comments 1,978 Views

Review: Doe – First Four [Album]

Review Comments 75 Views

Old Flame Records | "I'm convinced Doe are cool – I just haven't found out why yet."

Review: Hiss Golden Messenger - Lateness of Dancers [Album]


Merge Records | "American folk at its very best"

Review Comments 855 Views

Review: OK Go - Hungry Ghosts [Album]

Review: OK Go - Hungry Ghosts [Album]

Review Comments 1,225 Views

Paracadute/BMG | “Hungry Ghosts’ comes at you with a pop tinge, but with wit, intelligence and some awkward sex appeal.”

Review: 5 Seconds Of Summer LiveSOS [Album]

Review: 5 Seconds Of Summer LiveSOS [Album]

Review Comments 1,538 Views

This live album is just a way for the band to show the world what they are capable of

Review: Marc Goone-The Scrumple King [Album]


Marc Goone | "A brilliantly conceived work"

Review Comments 1,078 Views

Review: Carl Barât and The Jackals / ‘Let It Reign’ [Album]

Review Comments 1,721 Views

Cooking Vinyl / “Whether they’re pulling in the same direction I’m still in debate with myself about, as this is very much a Carl Barât record.”

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