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Review: You+Me - rose ave. [Album]


'If you want touching tales of love, loss and life you need to pick up a couple of the stunningly underrated album'

Review Comments 376 Views

Review: Slipknot - .5 The Grey Chapter [Album]

Review: Slipknot - .5 The Grey Chapter [Album]

Review Comments 565 Views

Roadrunner | "...they once again sound like nine masked mad men, each one intent on making their presence known."

Review: Pharoahe Monch - PTSD [Album]


W.A.R. Media | "We need an album like this"

Review Comments 644 Views

Review: Hookworms - The Hum [Album]


Weird World | "Time to rewrite those Best of 2014 lists..."

Review Comments 720 Views

Review: Arca - Xen [Album]


Mute Artists Ltd | "ominous but engrossing digital psychedelia"

Review Comments 816 Views

Review: Bludded Head - Reign In Bludd [Album]

Review: Bludded Head - Reign In Bludd [Album]

Review Comments 944 Views

Sleeping Giant Glossolalia | "A brooding piece of demonic metal"

Review: Cavorts - Got Your Brass [Album]


In At The Deep End | "Fast paced thrashing drum beats and prog-y guitar solos are clearly what drive this record..."

Review Comments 287 Views

Review: Clark - Clark [Album]


Warp Records | "Vibrant and engaging, speckled with themes of loneliness and abandonment"

Review Comments 718 Views

Review: Machinedrum - Vapor City Archives [Album]


Ninjatune | "Brilliantly articulated and consistently enthralling"

Review Comments 767 Views

Review: Röyksopp - The Inevitable End [Album]


Dog Triumph Ltd/Wall of Sound | "Slick as always but a little stale in delivery"

Review Comments 829 Views

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