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Review: Slash - World On Fire [Album]

Review: Slash - World On Fire [Album]

Review Comments 5,344 Views

Dik Hayd Records | “Is Slash the rock equivalent of Tesco? Maybe, if Tesco delivered your shopping on a motorbike made of fire and guitar solos.”

Review: Adam Sullivan and The Trees - Adam Sullivan and The Trees [Album]


Self-Released | "..Adam Sullivan and The Trees are headed in the right direction so far."

Review Comments 512 Views

Review: Simon Waldram/Halaka - Swalaka [Album]

Review: Simon Waldram/Halaka - Swalaka [Album]

Review Comments 1,044 Views

Phase Velocity || "This recording demonstrates a new side and depth to Simon’s talents that I was previously unaware of"

Review: Frnkiero and the Cellabration - Stomachaches [Album]


Rocksound | "Scrappy, idiosyncratic and infectious as hell"

Review Comments 1,048 Views

Review: FKA Twigs - LP1 [Album]


Young Turks | "A richly textured release, as unique as it is enthralling"

Review Comments 1,428 Views

Review: Albinö Rhino - Albinö Rhino [Album]


Inverse Records | "An ominous monster of scuzzy metal"

Review Comments 1,280 Views

Review: Bongripper - Miserable [Album]

Review: Bongripper - Miserable [Album]

Review Comments 1,437 Views

The Great Barrier Records | " is an absolutely incredible piece of work."

Review: Benjamin Booker - Benjamin Booker [Album]

Review: Benjamin Booker - Benjamin Booker [Album]

Review Comments 1,844 Views

Rough Trade | “It’s almost the anti-pop album of the year, but at the same time, I love it!”

Review: Memories Of A Dead Man - Ashes of Joy [Album]


Send The Wood Music / Season Of Mist | "Metal that stays within the lines once too often"

Review Comments 357 Views

Review: Framing Hanley - The Sum of Who We Are [Album]


Imagen Records | "One part talent, one part cliche and two parts missed opportunity..."

Review Comments 556 Views

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