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Review: Trudie Dawn Smith - No Pop [Single]

Review Comments 889 Views

STAC | "..a playful and inventive spin on tried-and-true influences.."

Review: Electric River - In Your Name [Single]

Review: Electric River - In Your Name [Single]

Review Comments 462 Views

Cadiz Music | "An easy listen with some smart touches"

Review: The Royal Concept - On Our Way [Single]

Review Comments 435 Views

Island Records | "If you want substance, meaning and anything other than wide-eyed naive optimism then look elsewhere"

Review: Hoodlem-Old Friend [Single]

Review Comments 729 Views

Hoodlemmusic | "A refreshingly emotive soundscape"

Review: My Chemical Romance - Fake Your Death [Single]

Review Comments 208 Views

Reprise |"This song surely does round up the end of an unforgettable journey as a band."

Review: State of Mind - No-Operative [Single]

Review Comments 1,949 Views

Blackout | "...just as fresh and relevant as anything else being released today."

Review: The Haunted - Eye of the Storm [Single]

Review: The Haunted - Eye of the Storm [Single]

Review Comments 543 Views

Century Media | "The new album is definitely going to attempt to reclaim The Haunted's extreme metal fan-base back"

Review: Harleighblu - Let Me Be [Single]

Review: Harleighblu - Let Me Be [Single]

Review Comments 1,086 Views

Tru Thoughts | 'HarleighBlu really give us a full on taste of what she has to offer, and I want to drink it by the gallon'

Nina Persson / Animal Heart [Single]

Nina Persson / Animal Heart [Single]

Review Comments 1,080 Views

The End Records / “Does it sound like the classic singer-goes-solo-does-the-exact-same-thing-as-the-band-without-the-band? ….a bit, yes.”

Review: Solander - The Woods Are Gone [Single]

Review Comments 875 Views

A Tenderversion | "a transitional song about the process of coming to grips and carrying on."

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