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Review: Clark - Clark [Album]


Warp Records | "Vibrant and engaging, speckled with themes of loneliness and abandonment"

Review Comments 329 Views

Review: Machinedrum - Vapor City Archives [Album]


Ninjatune | "Brilliantly articulated and consistently enthralling"

Review Comments 497 Views

Review: Röyksopp - The Inevitable End [Album]


Dog Triumph Ltd/Wall of Sound | "Slick as always but a little stale in delivery"

Review Comments 609 Views

Review: James King & The Lonewolves-Lost Songs of the Confederacy [Album]

Review: James King & The Lonewolves-Lost Songs of the Confederacy [Album]

Review Comments 312 Views

Stereogram Recordings | "A satisfying blend of rock & roll, punk and indy, all delivered twenty years too late"

Review: Porter Robinson - Worlds [Album]


Virgin Records | “…Robinson has gone forward thirty years as opposed to backwards.”

Review Comments 935 Views

Review: Deptford Goth - Songs [Album]


37 Adventures | "A delicately composed and intimately uplifting piece of minimal electronica"

Review Comments 1,077 Views

Review: Finch – Back to Oblivion [Album]


Spinefarm | "Perhaps we are always going to compare Finch to their early albums & the world isn’t ready for the band to grow up yet"

Review Comments 817 Views

Review: The Phuss - On The Prowl [Album]


Magnetic Eye Records | "...stamping all over the scene like a dog scantily lifting it’s leg to mark its territory"

Review Comments 631 Views

Review: Kill It Kid - You Owe Nothing [Album]

Review: Kill It Kid - You Owe Nothing [Album]

Review Comments 999 Views

Sire/Warner Records | “Definitely one of the best records of 2014."

Review: The Flaming Lips - With a Little Help From My Fwends [Album]


Warner Bros | .."an episode of H. R. Pufnstuf on a ketamine trip.."

Review Comments 936 Views

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