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File-O-Facts: Erin Bowman

Feature Comments 1,261 Views

"I think is da bomb!"

File-O-Facts: Nolan Smith of Pilot For A Day

Feature Comments 854 Views

"I think about my true intentions and trust that I already have everything I could ever need or want, and its all inside of me"

File-O-Facts: Tyler Irish of Take One Car

Feature Comments 1,102 Views

New album LP3 set to drop later this year

File-O-Facts: James Davies of Stars & Flights

Feature Comments 1,545 Views

"...I fucking love The Mighty Ducks trilogy. Nostalgia central."

File-O-Facts: Arc & Stones

File-O-Facts: Arc & Stones

Feature Comments 559 Views

Arc & Stones recently releases their new EP As You Were on June 10th.

File-O-Facts: Bebe Panthere

Feature Comments 673 Views

Lifes a bleach and then you dye.

File-O-Facts: Hannes from Captain Capa

Feature Comments 530 Views

"How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real"

File-O-Facts: Lost In Los Angeles

Feature Comments 516 Views

Lost In Los Angeles stretches musical boundaries on all fronts, offering listeners personal musings about life and relationships.

File-O-Facts: Groovie Mann of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

Feature Comments 1,172 Views

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult recently released 13th Studio Album "SPOOKY TRICKS"

File-O-Facts: Zo Waugh of ReVerbed

Feature Comments 969 Views

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.

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