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Review: Bongripper - Miserable [Album]

Review: Bongripper - Miserable [Album]

Review Comments 405 Views

The Great Barrier Records | " is an absolutely incredible piece of work."

Review: Benjamin Booker - Benjamin Booker [Album]

Review: Benjamin Booker - Benjamin Booker [Album]

Review Comments 678 Views

Rough Trade | “It’s almost the anti-pop album of the year, but at the same time, I love it!”

Review: Memories Of A Dead Man - Ashes of Joy [Album]


Send The Wood Music / Season Of Mist | "Metal that stays within the lines once too often"

Review Comments 279 Views

Review: Framing Hanley - The Sum of Who We Are [Album]


Imagen Records | "One part talent, one part cliche and two parts missed opportunity..."

Review Comments 478 Views

Review: Childhood - Lacuna [Album]

Review: Childhood - Lacuna [Album]

Review Comments 833 Views

House Anxiety / Marathon Artists | “Genres have been mashed-up, remixed and truncated over the years, this feels like two polar opposites co-existing

Review: Motörhead - Aftershock (Tour Edition) [Album]

Review: Motörhead - Aftershock (Tour Edition) [Album]

Review Comments 1,121 Views

UDR/ Motörhead Music | “…it doesn’t come across as anything other than a grenade being dropped into a volcano, all set to music.”

Review: Wolves In The Throne Room - Celestite [Album]


Artemisia Records | "Dark and fascinating in equal measure"

Review Comments 876 Views

Review: Algernon Doll - Omphalic [Album]


Struggletown Records | "Omphalic is the sound of an artist who is coming into his own.."

Review Comments 961 Views

Review: J.E. Sunde - Shapes That Kiss The Lips Of God [Album]


Cartouche Records | "... a chronicle of the past ten years is captured in a way that is both poetic and delicate"

Review Comments 542 Views

Review: Definitely A First - Colorblind [Album]


Imminence Records | "Unless you're a post-hardcore fanatic, this will leave you wanting something more substantial"

Review Comments 522 Views

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