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Review: The Irrepressibles - Nude: Fobidden [EP]


Of Naked Design Recordings | "Utterly captivating"

Review Comments 255 Views

Review: Diamond Jam – The Luckiest Man Alive [EP]


Inverse Records | ” I’d like to hear more from Diamond Jam because this is real riff-laden, guitar chugging rock music.”

Review Comments 483 Views

Review: The Black Angels - Clear Lake Forest [EP]

Review: The Black Angels - Clear Lake Forest [EP]

Review Comments 814 Views

Blue Horizon | “This is the record The Horrors should have released after ‘Strange House’”

Review: Speaking In Shadows - The Lies We Lead [EP]


Carry The Four | "Technically proficient but lacking any real ingenuity"

Review Comments 434 Views

Review: The Family Rain - Hunger Sauce [EP]


Kobalt | “…The Family Rain are the Beetlejuice of modern music. Sick, twisted and excellent fun.”

Review Comments 1,141 Views

Review: Sinah - Sleek [EP]


ZNA Records | "..some of the more gratifying and exciting music to come from an emerging artist this year.."

Review Comments 829 Views

Review: The Dirty Lies – Release [EP]

Review Comments 372 Views

Electric Company Music | "There’s a real gap for a band that can bring some credibility back to indie music, a band like The Dirty Lies."

Review: SLK - Form [EP]

Review: SLK - Form [EP]

Review Comments 1,299 Views

Prism | " of the better and stronger debuts to come out lately."

Review: GUTS - Open Wide [EP]


Heavenly Sweetness | "A Real Treat"

Review Comments 1,218 Views

Review: Neonlight - Sidus [EP]

Review: Neonlight - Sidus [EP]

Review Comments 1,005 Views

Blackout | "..the kind of charging drum and bass capable of sending your adrenal glands into a massive state of overdrive.."

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